21 Mai


.. ein Arzt, den ich gerne weiterempfehle:


The Sharma Ayurvedic clinic is located in the city of Ahmedabad in India and has been in existence since 1916. It was founded by the Surajmalji, & Khubilalji Sharma brothers and has successfully treated patients for Parkinson’s Disease, Herpes and Multiple Sclerosis, among others. This is done through the ancient & time-honored practice of Ayurvedic medical diagnosis, counseling and treatment. There are no known treatments for
these diseases in Western medical practice.

The current Director of the clinic is Dr. Mukesh Paneri, a graduate of The Ayurveda University, in Ahmedabad, India. This University is well known in Ayurvedic circles. Dr. Paneri has been associated with the clinic since 1977 and has integrated the research and knowledge of his predecessors, the Sharma brothers and of his own father, Dr.Bhavanishanker Paneri.


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